5 Reasons To Choose Laminate Flooring For Your Home

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for both home renovation and new construction projects.

Laminate offers the look of beautiful hardwood flooring with durability, easy installation and a budget-friendly price tag. It’s an excellent choice for living spaces like bedrooms and family rooms. If you’re thinking of laying new flooring, here are a few reasons why you should consider laminate:

Bevel Edges & Texture

Many laminate floor planks have 4-sided bevel edges that give the finished floor a naturally rich look. The textured finish on the planks replicates the look of real hardwood.


Laminate flooring with a good quality surface layer will last for a long time. Laminate is rated according to the thickness of the wear layer. You will see an AC (Abrasion Class) rating on all laminate flooring. AC ratings range from AC1 to AC5. AC4 and 5 are typically used for commercial applications.

For your home, we recommend looking for a laminate with an AC3 rating. You can expect to get a 35-year warranty for residential use with an AC3 rated laminate flooring. A quality laminate will wear well against the inevitable dropped toys or excited pet claws.

Water Resistant For Easy Cleaning

While not waterproof, laminates are made to be water-resistant. A quality laminate is designed to prevent water from soaking through the surface so that you have time to clean it up. The water-resistant surface makes everyday clean up easy. You can rest comfortably knowing that your floor can withstand some spills and drips.

Easy Installation with Drop Loc

Choose a laminate with a good locking system on both the long and short sides. A “Drop Loc” is the best and makes installation a breeze.

Trend Colours

There are so many colour options with laminate flooring. From traditional oak or maple flooring to more contemporary greys, whites or multi-tone you can really choose a floor that suits your style! One of our favorites is the Bluenose National Park Laminate.

In addition to all these benefits, laminate flooring is easy on your budget. You can get your perfect style, look, and quality floor without spending too much.

If you have an upcoming flooring project, be sure to stop into one of our stores to chat with us. We have a great selection of laminate flooring including Goodfellow’s Dreamfloor Classic. We also have an exclusive Payzants line of laminate flooring arriving this Spring!

Our flooring sales team is eager to answer all of your questions and help find the right laminate floor for you. And if DIY isn’t your thing, we can look after the installation too.

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