Vinyl Flooring – Is It The Right Choice For Your Home?

A growing trend for beautiful and durable floors.

Vinyl plank flooring offers great style and comfort with peace of mind durability and longevity. Vinyl plank flooring can be called by different names, but the most popular option for most homeowners today is Stone Plastic Composite (SPC). Different from laminate, which has a wood fiber core, SPC flooring has a mixture of plastic and limestone powder below the durable vinyl surface. Here are a few reasons why you may want to choose vinyl plank flooring for your next flooring project.

Plank Sizes

SPC flooring comes in different sizes depending on whether you want tile or wood plank. The smallest wood planks are often 6”x48” and you can go up to 7”x60” for a very modern look. Vinyl tiles are typically 12”x24” and replicate the look of ceramic tile.


One of the biggest advantages of SPC flooring is that it is 100% waterproof. This makes it perfectly suited for washrooms, laundry rooms, entryways and basements where water can be present. However, with the multitude of colour and style options available, SPC is perfect for any room. It is highly dent, scratch and stain resistant which makes it perfect for even the highest traffic areas in your home or office.

DIY Friendly

Installation of SPC is very DIY friendly with many products offering easy-install Drop Lock technology. Even better – you don’t need any special tools to cut SPC. A utility knife and a straight edge is all you need for all of your cuts.

Realistic Styles

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to compromise style to get all the advantages of a very durable vinyl floor. The wood looks are becoming very realistic! For the ultimate realistic look, ask for vinyl floor with registered embossing. This means the texture on the plank matches the unique characteristics of the wood grain.

Budget Friendly

Finally, let’s not forget about budget. Even with all of these features, Vinyl SPC does not break the bank! There are a few options you can consider to make sure your floor fits your budget, including whether you want an attached backpad, a registered emboss or a larger plank.

If you are considering laying new flooring remember the advantages of vinyl. It comes in varying plank sizes, it’s 100% waterproof, it’s DIY friendly, comes in realistic and trendy styles, and is a durable and budget-friendly choice for your home.

If you have an upcoming flooring project, be sure to stop into one of our stores to chat with us. We have a great selection of vinyl flooring including Easystreet from Taiga and Durafusion from Centura. Our flooring sales team is eager to answer all of your questions and help find the right vinyl floor for you! And if DIY isn’t your thing, we can look after the installation too!

At Payzants we are here for all your projects – big and small. Come see us today.

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